Travelers Safety Tips
Please observe the following tips for your safety:
  • Don't answer the door in a hotel or motel room without verifying who it is. If a person claims to be an employee, call the front desk and ask if someone from their staff is supposed to have access to your room and for what purpose.
  • When returning to your hotel or motel late in the evening, use the main entrance of the hotel. Be observant and look around before entering parking lots.
  • Close the door securely whenever you are in your room and use all of the locking devices provided.
  • Don't needlessly display guest room keys in public or carelessly leave them on restaurant tables, at the swimming pool, or other places where they can be easily stolen.
  • Do not draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry.
  • Don't invite strangers to your room
  • Place all valuables in the hotel or motel's safe deposit box.
  • Do not leave valuables in yor vehicle.
  • Check to see that any sliding glass doors or windows and any connecting room doors are locked.
  • If you see any suspicious activity, please report your observations to the management.
Fire Safety
  • First, find two exits nearest your room. Be sure they are unlocked. Then count the doors between your room and exits so you'll have a reference point if it's smoky.
  • When you hear an alarm, ACT, don't investigate. If the fire is in your room, get out and close the door. Once out, report the fire.
  • If the fire is not in your room, leave if you can. First, feel the door, if it is cool, open it slowly and go to the nearest exit. Crawl if there is smoke. Fresh air will be at the floor. Take your key so you can go back if you can't use the exits. If your door is hot, don't open it. Your room may be the safest place to be. Seal all cracks with wet towels.
  • Shut off fans and air conditioners. Signal out your window. Call the fire department and wait to be rescued.